We help our clients strengthen their economic intelligence and market analysis by digesting and transforming targeted market information into actionable knowledge.
We have enabled traders, sourcing departments, risk managers and C-level executives to make insightful trading and investment decisions based on sound, structured and professionally presented analysis.

Our clients ask us to solve problems that are specific to them. For example:
  • Compile synthesized reports that summarize the essence of market intelligence in a specific area
  • Analyze how a country or industry will respond to an event such as a currency crash or energy shock
  • Research market opportunities or assessing risks in a given region
  • Analyze supply and demand in a target market in view of forming short and medium term outlooks
  • Model commodity flows, for example, gas and power through pipelines and inter-connectors, indicating directional spread trading opportunities
We have focused on our clients’ critical issues, and came up with solutions that positively impacted their top and bottom lines.
Click below to learn more about some featured delivered projects.

Real-time flow of commodity
This is a data visualization application that allows a large commodity trader with physical positions in gas, coal and oil to keep a real-time overview of their commodity movements on an interactive and zoom-able world map.
Commodity real-time flow

Coming soon ..


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