Air, road and sea logistics

Airlines and Transportation services represent one of the most demanding industries in the world today. With the advancement of low-cost carriers and online ticketing, the price and service expectations of air travelers have dramatically changed. Moreover, the volatility in the cost of fuel has always been a challenge to airlines’ hedging policy.
Trading Integral Solutions helps transportation and logistic companies take optimal decisions related to complex pricing and volatile fuel costs.

We bring our in-depth experience in operations research and optimization to every engagement. We make sure that when we leave, our clients are equipped with the tools and capabilities they need to continue to improve and grow. We specialize in:

  • Fleet and Network Optimization
  • Customer Pricing Strategy
  • Jet Fuel Procurement Optimization
  • Improvement of Flight Capacity Utilization and Reliability

We address important questions, not by using off-the-shelf methods but by building bespoke models that are tailored to our clients’ challenges. We combine transport expertise with financial and statistical methods to bring forth actionable knowledge used in daily business.
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Jet fuel hedging strategies
3 different strategies to hedge jet fuel and FX risks for a European client
Jet fuel hedging
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