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Integral Solutions

  • Trading Integral Solutions offers first-class portfolio strategies and risk management services. On the one hand, we minimize the potential for market volatility to decrease your company’s profit margins. On the other hand, we help you take advantage of today’s vast flow of market data and translate it into actionable trading decisions.
  • We specialize in working with financial institutions, energy companies and renewable assets owners that are concerned about the impact of rising market price volatility, or are seeking to monetize market opportunities.
  • Whether you require an assessment of risks and opportunities in a specific market, a review and a redesign of hedging strategies, structuring of procurement transactions, the implementation of risk management system, or simply translating your business intuition into a robust modelling tool, Trading Integral Solutions is here to help you navigate through your current challenges by devising and implementing pertinent solutions.


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Our clientslove us

  • Bron Sharman Senior Oil Trader
    “Unlike many advisers I’ve worked with, Trading Integral Solutions don’t have to pretend to be interested in their clients: they focus on what really matters and strive to add value in an optimal way.” Bron Sharman, Senior Oil Trader at SOCAR Trading
  • Olga Kutuzova IFRS Group Manager
    "Trading Integral Solutions applied high quality standards when they delivered their project to us. We benefited greatly from our interaction with their highly skilled team of experts!" Olga Kutuzova, IFRS Group Manager at Novatek Gas & Power
  • Jaroslaw Wajer Partner
    "I have cooperated with Trading Integral Solutions several times. They supported us during the design and implementation of trading departments and company strategies for our power utilities clients. I appreciate their trading expertise and profound knowledge of risk management. I would truly recommend cooperation with Trading Integral Solutions." Jaroslaw Wajer, Partner Performance Improvement at Ernst & Young



Why choose Trading Integral Solutions?

We have passion for translating data into actionable trading decisions. Moreover, companies talk about high quality service. We measure it against leading standards, put it first on our agenda and strive to deliver it.
We use a leveraged distributed business model, with a large network of hand-picked quantitative developers, which allows us to stay market competitive
We share our clients’ ambitions. We work to understand their reality and deliver true results focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions. We align our incentives with our clients’ objectives, so they know we’re in it together.
We can solve local issues, but we also partner with our clients to consider the big picture where other solutions might be overlooked.

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