We focus on data and model risk and help our clients improve the efficiency of their operational risk management related to front office activities.

From rogue trading pattern detection, to prevention of internal pricing model arbitrage, we have implemented a wide range of operational risk solutions.

We help our clients strengthen their operational risk management through:
  • Rogue Trading prevention using real-time and batch process detection algorithms
  • Front office trade controls and curve validation processes
  • Quantitative models audit and validation
  • Data quality and data sufficiency assessment
  • Systematic harmonization of governance, risk management and control functions
We have strived through different engagements in the commodity market, to add real value using a pragmatic and sound approach.
Click below to learn more about some featured delivered projects.

Risk-reward arbitrage detection for an energy trading company
This engagement aimed at identifying internal models that create “risk-reward arbitrage” opportunities, allowing heads of desks/traders to intentionally engage in high-risk trading activities or bid for real asset auctions while appearing to operate within stakeholder risk tolerances.
Coming soon..

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