Utilities and Alternative Energy

Over the past decade, there has been a rapid change in the landscape of energy production, storage, transportation and consumption. Power utilities are seeking to modernize their production units, invest in new technologies, optimize the energy value chain and focus on customer solutions in order to maintain a competitive edge.
Trading Integral Solutions helps companies and utilities navigate these challenges to ensure sustainable growth based on the appropriate strategic outlook, solid business models and an efficient implementation of business processes.

Commercial decisions are harder to make in times of uncertainty generated by increasing government interventions in energy markets. We help our clients:

  • Understand market dynamics in order to make the right investment decisions
  • Extract higher financial value from real assets by monetizing embedded optionality through a combination of market analysis and operations research techniques
  • Effectively manage supply intermittence that is inherent in renewable assets, and optimize their dispatch in the balancing and the day-ahead markets
  • Integrate grid-scale energy storage in power portfolio management
  • Structure short, medium and long term power procurement and tolling agreements
  • Make sense out of “big data” by utilizing smart algorithms and analytics to uncover hidden patterns in consumer demand thereby drawing out valuable insight
  • Design tailored structured retail contracts and tariffing offers to customers, while securing profit margin and hedging the implied market risk at a portfolio level
  • Devising robust client segmentation to uncover customer decision patterns and forecast customer behaviors related to pricing, specific offer, etc.
We are aware that our clients want clear and simple advice. So, we combine leading-edge financial engineering, a deep-rooted experience within the energy sector, and an ability to boil down complex issues to focus on what matters.
Click below to learn more about some delivered featured projects.

Value-extracting diagnosis for a mid and down stream energy company
This low cost, high potential, quick diagnosis aims to extract value from different parts of the value chain for an asset-backed merchant trading firm.

Optimizing power dispatch and hedging for a producer
This simulation-based framework enables a power producer to make optimal hedging and spot dispatch decisions under market uncertainty.

Optimizing a power retailer's portfolio
This simulation-based framework enables a power retailer to make optimal choices between procuring energy from the spot market or through bilateral contracts given a portfolio of clients and their corresponding price-quota curves.

Optimizing energy procurement for a consumer
This simulation-based framework enables an energy-intensive consumer to make optimal decisions under market uncertainty between self-production, futures hedging and open position in the spot market.

Optimizing gas procurement for a retailer
This is a risk-return comparative analysis for different alternatives in gas procurement that suggests optimal portfolio allocation between these alternatives, while simultaneously indicating the best times to source gas during the year and their corresponding optimal volumes.

Three procurement strategies for a large consumer
This involves the presentation and discussion of three procurement strategies for a large energy consumer.

Power price forecasting for a retailer
This is a pertinent forecasting model that combines fundamental and statistical approaches to predict spikes in power prices in the Dutch market.
We selected a sample of software applications implemented for different clients and reproduced demo versions that, whilst offering minimal functionality, indicated the implemented solution using interactive real-time computations in the cloud.
Click below to explore these solutions.

Optimizing power production
This interactive online application allows you to upload different generation capacity characteristics with unit availability. Taking into account simulated future spot prices and user-input forward contract agreements, it produces optimal levels of contracting for a power producer.
Power production optimizer

Optimizing retail's procurement & sales
This interactive online application allows you to upload clients demand forecast, future pool price scenarios and forward contract information. It generates optimal volumes to procure from both the forward and the spot markets in order to satisfy uncertain clients demand.
Energy retail optimizer

Optimizing consumer's procurement
This interactive online application allows you to upload energy demand forecast, future pool price scenarios, forward contract information and available self-generation characteristics. It generates optimal volumes to procure from both the forward and the spot markets in order to satisfy an expected demand.
Consumer's procurement optimizer

Simulating Market Prices
This interactive online application allows you to choose parameters to simulate a mean-reverting jump diffusion model or a simpler binomial model for visualizing different kinds of distributions.
Price Simulator

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