We combine design and technology to offer better data visualization, easy analytics, and a full range of on-premise and cloud-based deployment options. We focus on realizing a beautiful visual front end, that accurately conveys the story the data is telling, and how it would feed into your business strategy. We can reduce the workload off your busy technology team and get you to market information with less risk and better results.

  • Convey meaningful messages from data and link it to your business strategy
  • Deliver high-value, easy-to-use data products that turn data into actionable knowledge
  • Design and build interactive software that turns data into graphically delightful informative experiences
  • Use interactive libraries and deliver end-to-end solutions, from conception to implementation

When working with our clients, we promote innovation and collaboration. We also use an iterative design process, interactive prototypes and deliver end-to-end solutions, from conception to implementation.

Real-time flow of commodity
This is a data visualization application that allows a large commodity trader with physical positions in gas, coal and oil to keep a real-time overview of their commodity movements on an interactive and zoom-able world map.
Portfolio flower structure for a large capital management firm
This is a playful representation of a large hedge fund portfolio with a preserved structural hierarchy and position sizes.
Portfolio flower
Animated dynamic portfolio allocation for a hedge fund
This is another playful representation of risk, return and size of investments through history. In a risk-return quadrant, historical dynamic asset allocation is represented, where each ball diameter represents the size of the portfolio allocated to an index, and the balls’ movements in the quadrant depend on their rolling annual average risk and return profiles.
Dynamic portfolio allocation
Mapping random events to quadrinomial tree for a research institution
This is an animated representation of a mapping between random events (such as prices) into a tree.
Mapping randomness to tree

Coming soon..


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