Jet fuel hedging strategies for an airline company

  • Situation

    An Austrian budget airline has a significant exposure to commodity price and foreign exchange risks. It has several supply contracts in its portfolio and uses various hedging strategies to keep fuel costs under control.

  • Complication
    Common commodity hedging instruments are dollar denominated and as such the EUR/USD risk hedging is dealt with independently from the commodity hedge. This yielded two issues: (i) higher hedging costs; and (ii) basis risk arising from the mismatch in size and timing between the hedge and the underlying exposure.
  • Solution
    We designed a hedging strategy that minimized the basis risk by optimally choosing the right combination of hedging instruments. We also aligned the treasury and trading departments of the airline company to structure low cost Quanto hedges.


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  • Bron Sharman Senior Oil Trader
    “Unlike many advisers I’ve worked with, Trading Integral Solutions don’t have to pretend to be interested in their clients: they focus on what really matters and strive to add value in an optimal way.” Bron Sharman, Senior Oil Trader at SOCAR Trading
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    "Trading Integral Solutions applied high quality standards when they delivered their project to us. We benefited greatly from our interaction with their highly skilled team of experts!" Olga Kutuzova, IFRS Group Manager at Novatek Gas & Power
  • Jaroslaw Wajer Partner
    "I have cooperated with Trading Integral Solutions several times. They supported us during the design and implementation of trading departments and company strategies for our power utilities clients. I appreciate their trading expertise and profound knowledge of risk management. I would truly recommend cooperation with Trading Integral Solutions." Jaroslaw Wajer, Partner Performance Improvement at Ernst & Young

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