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Open position: Senior quantitative developer

Do you have an extensive experience with (i) mathematical modelling and (ii) open-source, cross-platform runtime environments for developing server-side web applications?

* Company and project background
We are a Swiss-based software company specializing in the development of quantitative web applications that help energy traders reduce market risk.
Over the past 10 months, we have been focusing on building our flagship Software as a Service that allows renewable power asset owners to make informed decisions about their power dispatch.

* What to Expect as a quantitative developer
You will be given the responsibility of engineering backend services with supporting front end UIs for enterprise consumption in a cloud stack. You will assist a global team of web developers in utilizing the best-in-practice architecture, tools, and design patterns in web development. You will be expected to think in an abstract or computational way to provide solutions to help scalability and handle complex business logic. Creativity in solution implementations is welcomed!

* Skills & Requirements
A successful quantitative developer will demonstrate the following qualifications:
• At least 10 years of hands-on experience with software development
• Master or PhD degree in mathematics, physics, computer Science or a quantitative field
• General knowledge of both front-end and back-end web development
• Good communication skills (in English)
• Proficiency in the following skills and technologies is mandatory:

o Node.JS, Angular.JS, Python
o Test Driven Development / Continuous Integration/Delivery
o Service Oriented Architecture / Microservices
o SQL and MongoDB
o Material Design Understanding
o Docker, Vagrant

* Other requirements:
We value a culture of excellence. We need web developers who are not only technically proficient, but also demonstrate the following qualities:
• Perfectionism when it comes to code quality
• Commitment to developing a simple, clean, and easily extensible and maintainable code
• Ability to work with and extend the existing code library
• Confidence that your talent is significantly above your peers and competitors
• A willingness to embrace the concept of iterative development as the means for building excellent products
• Obsessive commitment to quality


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