We bring industry knowledge and experience in tailoring over-the-counter (non-standardized) deals in a way which ensures a good risk-return ratio for our clients, while meeting the requirements of their customers/counter-parties.

We also combine our rigorous analytic skills with market knowledge to design winning proprietary trading strategies.

  • Analysis of current and expected client’s portfolio under different structuring alternatives
  • Simulation-based scenarios for different hedging structures that optimize risk-return ratio for non-standardized deals
  • Energy procurement optimization in the presence of intermittent sources such as wind and solar
  • Valuation of real options and deal-embedded optionality and the preparation of deal analysis report to C-level executives.
  • Statistical arbitrage strategies that exploit historical patterns, combined with risk management rules.
We have focused on our clients’ critical issues to develop solutions that have positively impacted their top and bottom lines.

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Value-extracting diagnosis for a mid and down stream energy company
Optimizing power dispatch and hedging for a producer
Optimizing a power retailer's portfolio
Optimizing energy procurement for a consumer
Optimizing a refiner's margins
Optimizing gas procurement for a retailer
Three procurement strategies for a large consumer
Pairs trading for an investment bank
Simulating trading strategies for a hedge fund
We selected a sample of software applications implemented for different clients and reproduced demo versions that, whilst offering minimal functionality, indicated the implemented solution using interactive real-time computations in the cloud.

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Simulating Trading Strategies
Optimizing power production
Optimizing retail's procurement & sales
Optimizing consumer's procurement
Optimizing refinery margins

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