We build custom data analytics and quantitative pricing and hedging models that blend into your existing systems. Our versatile team is a virtual extension of your quantitative development department and is able to deliver non-invasive work product that helps considerably shorten your IT development cycle.
Thanks to Trading Integral Solutions’ proprietary development framework, and to our experienced quantitative analysts, we are able to translate your business requirements into a beautiful, smart and profitable in-house software that can be integrated into your current system architecture.

  • Translate business strategy into a beautiful, smart and profitable IT software
  • Build custom modules and libraries that seamlessly integrate into your current system
  • Design and implement management information, and risk dashboards and reporting
  • Deploy customized versions of our quantitative decision support flagship models into your system
Through different engagements in financial and commodity markets, we have striven to add real value using a pragmatic, flexible and real-world approach, founded on leading IT implementation standards, such as design patterns and agile programming.
Click below to learn more about some featured delivered projects.

Simulating trading strategies for a hedge fund
Simulating market prices for a re-insurance company
Pairs trading for an investment bank
Power price forecasting for a retailer
Optimizing power dispatch and hedging for a producer
Optimizing a power retailer's portfolio
Optimizing energy procurement for a consumer
Optimizing a refiner's margins
Optimizing gas procurement for a retailer
Fitting a volatility curve for a gas trader

We selected a sample of software applications implemented for different clients and reproduced demo versions that, whilst offering minimal functionality, indicated the implemented solution using interactive real-time computations in the cloud.
Click below to learn more about these solutions.

Simulating trading strategies
Simulating market prices
Optimizing power production
Optimizing retail's procurement & sales
Optimizing consumer's procurement
Optimizing refinery margins
Fitting volatility curve

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